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We’ve seen it happen all too often lately. The repercussions from Covid have caused a lot of difficulties for our customers; both emotionally and financially. We understand because our families have been affected too. We’ve seen too many friends and family members lose their jobs. We’ve also numerous small businesses close, never to reopen again. The prices of staples like milk, gasoline, and lumber have gone through the roof, not to mention empty store shelves and shortages of everything from food to toilet paper have become an all-too-common sight. 

Those of us who are in our 50’s and up may have seen economic downturns, but circumstances such as those just cited have never been seen before in our lifetimes! But we can give back to our community by helping our customers through these hard times. Whether you’re roofing and/or remodeling project is insurance-paid or private-pay, we at Accountable Roofing LLC are proud to offer our customers financing to help soften the blow of the high costs that can be associated with protecting and investing in your greatest asset: your home! A sound roof protects everyone in it and everything under it.

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We are so proud and pleased to be able to help our customers through these times of unprecedented difficulty by offering financing. It’s hassle-free and easy to obtain the information.

Even though some homeowners have very low or no deductible insurance coverage, this is usually the exception, not the rule. Most homeowners have deductibles that may be difficult for them to manage. This has never been more true than recently due to the impact that Covid has had on our economy. We are often asked if we can waive the cost of customers’ deductibles. Unfortunately, we must say, “No.” The reason isn’t complicated. The reason we can’t waive the cost of your deductible is due to the simple fact that according to the law, this practice is illegal. According to recent law and the Attorney General of the State of Arkansas, if a contractor says that they will waive the cost of your deductible, that contractor is making you a party to insurance fraud.

So, now the homeowner is put in the tough position of deciding whether to put gas in their car and food on the table or go without while trying to find the money for their deductible. That just doesn’t seem to be fair. Does it? Your roof needs attention and you can’t figure out how to come up with the funds for your deductible. Perhaps this wouldn’t have been an issue before Covid. But now so many families are struggling due to job loss and/or illness. But please don’t despair. We may have an easy solution to getting your roof repaired quickly, but most importantly, PROPERLY!

We are so proud and pleased to be able to help our customers through these times of unprecedented difficulty by offering financing. It’s hassle free and easy to obtain the information.

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